Benefits of Appropriate Dispute Resolution

While for most people ADR refers to Alternative Dispute Resolution, Settlements & Solutions prefers to think of it as Appropriate Dispute Resolution. Each dispute brings with it a unique history and requires a course of action that must be tailored to meet the parties’ needs.


Fees involved in searching for an outcome through the court system are often prohibitive and almost always unproductive. A settlement through ADR often costs just a fraction of what would otherwise be paid in legal fees.


Months of needless delay only act to exacerbate a conflict — through ADR parties can often find a solution in a matter of weeks.


Proceedings in a court of law are often public record whereas mediation proceedings are held confidential. In the event that mediation fails, information gained in the process cannot be used in discovery. Professional ethics demand that mediators hold information confidential.


The parties voluntarily seek a solution through the ADR process and are able to control time and money spent. While the mediator is a keeper of the process — the parties control the outcome by negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement.

Preserves Relationships

While seeking an outcome through the courts can irreparably damage a relationship, ADR can improve communication — often repairing and strengthening relationships.


The ethics of our work demand a high level of confidentiality. All of our associates are well training and experienced, and will not violate your trust and expectation of privacy.

In addition there are federal and state laws that protect the integrity and confidentiality of the mediator and his or her work as it relates to subsequent administrative or judicial processes. An exception being if public safety is at risk.