Frequently Asked Questions

Who may initiate the process?

Either party to a dispute, and on occasion a concerned third party, may initiate the ADR process by contacting us.

Are the parties locked into the mediation process through to settlement?

Mediation is voluntary. Unless otherwise constrained, either party may withdraw at any time and is free to pursue other legal avenues.

What are the risks of mediation?

  • Mediation carries little financial risk compared to litigation.
  • The mediation process shall not be used for discovery. Documents and communications exchanged in mediation are confidential and are not subject to disclosure in judicial or administrative proceedings.
  • As stated before, the parties control any agreed upon outcome of the mediation process.
  • If an agreement is not reached, the parties retain all previously held rights to legal recourse.
  • If an agreement is reached but not lived up to, the parties retain all previously held rights to legal recourse.

How can a third party represent both parties in a dispute?

The ADR neutral serves as an advocate for the ADR process, not for either party.

Who pays the mediator?

Usually the parties to a conflict divide the cost equally.

Fee structure

Dispute Resolution Consulting Service


Consulting Services: Providing expert advice on appropriate problem solving processes, conflict analysis, and interest based negotiation. Assist the client in strategic planning, leadership facilitation, organizational assessments, and the design of client specific dispute resolution systems that meet or exceed industry standards and ethics.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services, including Facilitation, Mediation and Arbitration


Alternative Dispute Resolution Services: Providing expert services to find resolution of disputes and conflicts which are both internal and external to the client or as directed; with other parties, citizen interest groups and additional stakeholders to a dispute in any of the areas of interest and mandates of the client. Including the use of various dispute resolution process tools including, but not limited to mediation, facilitation, negotiation, arbitration, project partnering, ombuds service, case management, as well as referrals to other sources of dispute resolution. Providing follow-up and evaluation.

Per Diem* Rates

2 Party = $1000, save $200
3 Party = $1500, save $300
4 Party = $2000, save $400
5 Party = $2600, save $400

*Per Diem is up to a six hour day.


Reduced rates are negotiable for income eligible parties.
Extended travel & other expenses are payable when incurred.
Contracted hours and expenses are payable in advance.
Fees for other services to be determined.

Coming soon: MOBIS GSA Rates