Services Offered

We can provide standard ADR tools include mediation, facilitation and interest based negotiation; as well as the custom services of ADR System Design, Team Development and Training, Collaborative Problem Solving Training, and Organizational Ombuds Service.

Types of Disputes Managed

  • Private/Personal Dispute Resolution
  • Family Disputes involving business, estates, and divorce issues
  • General Business and Employment Disputes
  • Corporate Disputes involving contracts, labor, interpersonal, interdivisional and organizational
  • Land and Property Disputes
  • Public Dispute Resolution
  • Environmental Dispute Resolution
  • Complex Multi-party Disputes


  • Corporate
  • Family Business
  • Family and Estate
  • Community and Environmental

Dispute Resolution System Design

  • Corporations and Public Agencies

Consulting and Facilitation

  • Needs Assessment
  • Interest Based Negotiations

Appropriate Dispute Resolution Referral

  • Available when a conflict of interest exists or a different process is preferred

Public Dispute Resolution

    Gentlemen, Don’t fight the problem, solve it!”

    — General George C. Marshall